Our eco friendly mineral foundaton samples are perfect to help you find the best shade match for you. They now come packaged in biodegradable and compostable little envelopes with 1/4 of a measuring teaspoon of foundation enough for a few applications, giving you a chance to experiment and find your perfect shade. 

Try mixing samples together as we can make a custom foundation to your specifications.

Ingredients: Titanium Dioxide, Sericite Mica, Zinc Oxide, Silica Microspheres, Kaolin, Allantoin, Iron Oxides, Ultramarine, Chromium Green.

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Mineral Foundation samples

I am so pleased to have found Elemental Beauty. I suffer from rosacea and have never before found a foundation able to conceal it as well as suiting my dry, sensitive, very fair but pink-toned skin. This mineral foundation is perfect. Great to be able to try before buying a full-sized product. I requested samples of English Rose and Oatmeal shades. I knew immediately that the English Rose matched my skin tone completely. I use a light swirl with a dry brush over well-moisturised skin and it lasts the whole day. It also seems to have calmed the rosacea. Now have the full-sized pot and also one of the Night Treatment which has also worked wonders. I can not recommend these products highly enough. Thank you.

Fantastic coverage, great way to discover your foundation colour.

I've recently ordered some samples and I have to say that not only they are generous. But the coverege is really good! I will mix the two colours up and order my custom-made foundation from Elemental beauty pretty soon. I'm proud to support a vegan friendly company.

very good quality

I ordered few samples, from fair to medium shades to see which one suits me the best. I am very satisfied with the quality. Will order full size.

FANTASTIC product! Best foundation for super fair skin / sensitive / natural redheads!

I ordered two samples each of the three lightest shades to play around with: Luminous, Oatmeal, and English Rose. I am a very fair-skinned redhead, and it has been a nightmare trying to find any kind of foundation that is not loaded with fragrance or unnecessary chemicals, and actually matches my skin. The Luminous shade was waaay too yellow/green, but about right for lightness. The Oatmeal was still a bit too yellow, but probably the best out of the three because it was nearly perfect for paleness and the color difference wasn't hugely noticeable by anyone other than me. The English Rose was beautiful, but too dark and a little too highly pigmented for my skin (however, I am grateful it is an option). Ultimately I mixed Oatmeal and English Rose together (about at 2:1 ratio), and got about as close to perfection as I've ever seen in ANY foundation. The two and a half vials worth I used for that mixture lasted over a month. I think I got about 1-2 weeks out of each vial. Plenty of time to decide if it's right for you. Years ago, I fell in love with the Bare Minerals product when it came out, but it broke my heart when I realized that their fairest shade was noticeably too dark and yellow. EB's Flawless Face foundation is comparable to Bare Minerals. The only difference I noticed was that BM's powder feels a bit silkier than EB's, *but* EB's is still very soft and just as *effective* as BM...and EB actually has the right colors and custom color options. EB's felt a bit dry sometimes when it first went on, but somehow the dry feeling went away within minutes. My skin felt so soft to the touch. Flawless Face goes on wonderfully, is build-able, stays on all day (even through naps), and is gentle and flawless. It also allows my skin to heal from dry skin or eczema, while regular foundations just make it worse. If you love mineral foundation, have skin sensitivities, and struggle to find the right shade, Elemental Beauty's is the BEST choice. Fantastic for... + extra-fair skin + redheads + tone options besides yellow (English Rose) + sensitive skin + fragrance free, allergy sensitivities + eczema + dry skin + good coverage + natural

Just the job

Good product, handy size, excellent service, used a few times, no problems.

great stuff

i ave rosarea this tuff is great

Best I've ever used

As a very fair skinned person, finding a foundation that doesn't look orange or make you look ghostly can be quite a feat. Never a fan of liquid foundation and animal cruelty or using chemicals on the skin, I started using mineral foundations in 2009. My problem was finding the right colour, given the fact that the lightest shades were, indeed, too orange. Now, in 2016, I bought the samples of Elemental Beauty's lightest hues. I tried both applying them dry (using organic coconut oil as moisturizer) and with a damp brush. On my skin, the dry application is what looks the most natural. I started at the "Luminous" shade and, while it could have worked, it was slightly too pale - then I struck gold with "Oatmeal". It's definitely lighter than the colour "light" I've used from different brands, it blends well. The foundation covers extremely well, barely need to use concealer under it for dark circles. It lasts all day - even through a very blissful nap after running around the house with my puppy all morning - and there aren't any of those pesky "foundation lines" between the uncovered skin and the covered. It's definitely recommended to try a few samples, but to help narrow it down a bit: "Oatmeal" works on me, and if I look on my wrist, the veins go against green - which puts me in the "warm" category. I can become quite tan, it's a conscious choice of not tanning and always using sunscreen behind my pale skin tone and am prone to redness and dark circles - genetics. Hopefully this rather long and rambling review has been of help. The product is definitely recommended, and the shipping (from the UK to Sweden) is not only cheap but also quick. Kind regards, Charlie

Brilliant way to try before purchasing the perfect colour

Have recently re-order a few of these as I my mineral powder was running out. I love that I can try a small amount to find the perfect shade. I don't know anywhere else where I can try a few and if they are not quite right blend them and then get Elemental Beauty to make a custom blend for such a great price. I love to keep liitle vials too as they hold the perfect amount for using on holiday and take up no room at all. Fabulous