All About Mineral Makeup


Mineral makeup is a truly wonderful, natural and healthy makeup that will let your skin breathe and your natural beauty shine through. We love it, can you tell...!

Mineral makeup contains ingredients that act as a natural sunscreen. This can help protect against harmful UV rays. It is of course still important to wear an SFP-containing cream when exposed to daylight. It is therefore an excellent option to apply the make-up over a layer of sunscreen, for further protection of the face.

Elemental Beauty makeup is in fact anti microbial and anti inflammatory. These two properties are ideal for soothing skin conditions such as rosacea and acne, and this makeup allows all women to feel beautiful without the worry of their skin condition worsening. Due to the light reflective minerals and ingredients in the makeup, fine lines appear minimised and you are left with healthy looking, radiant skin.

Tips for applying Elemental Beauty mineral makeup:

Applying mineral foundation with a dry brush- sprinkle a small amount of mineral foundation powder into a small dish or saucer, then, using a gentle circular motion work them gently into your Kabuki brush. Tap mmthe brush lightly against the dish to remove excess minerals, or turn the brush so that the hairs are facing up and tap the base of the brush lightly on a hard surface to settle the minerals into the brush. Apply the mineral foundation to your face using a gentle circular motion and building up coverage gradually in light layers. 

Applying mineral foundation with a damp brush - This is a good application technique for drier skin and more mature skin and if you want to achieve heavier coverage with your mineral foundation. Damp the bristles of your brush with water, making sure that they are evenly damp and then swirl the damp brush in your dish containing a small amount of mineral foundation. Swirl the brush over your face in a circular motion and blend the mineral foundation with your fingers for a smooth finish and to erase any visible brush strokes. This is a great application technique to cover blemishes too.

Forever Young Serum & Foundation Primer - Our all in one skin treatment serum and mineral foundation primer is an essential and amazing dual product for your skin - use it to moisturise and heal your skin and also mix a tiny bit with your mineral foundation and concealer to create a luxuriously moisturising foundation or concealer - perfect if you suffer from dry skin. Contains Frankincense essential oil to heal skin and reduce signs of ageing.     

Applying mineral concealer - our mineral concealers are very versatile and can be applied under, over or mixed with our mineral foundations. They can be brushed on dry or applied with a damp sponge or brush for completely opaque heavy coverage. We find that they make great eyeshadow bases too as they absorb oil so don't let your eyeshadows slip. If you want to mix the concealer with the foundation simply shake the two together in a closed container and you will have made yourself an extremely high coverage foundation! To cover blemishes we recommend applying the mineral concealer with a small, firm damp brush and blending with your finger.

Moisturising Brightening Balm - This little pot of creamy brightening balm is perfect for applying under the eyes to lift and brighten and also around the nose to soothe and cover redness. They contain Vitamin E and Jojoba Oil to moisturise and also Lavender essential oil which is a well known skin healing ingredient. Use your finger in a circular motion on the balm to warm it and apply with your finger and blend or a brush if you prefer.

Applying mineral eyeshadows - Apply your mineral eyeshadow with a damp brush for maximum colour intensity and longevity. This will really bring our the luminosity in the shimmery shades and allows you to use the shadows as eyeliners too. These soft, natural loose powders may also be used dry for a sheer wash of colour or for more subtle daytime wear.

Applying finishing powders - our mineral finishing powders are super silky and light and can be brushed on with a large fluffy brush over the top of your mineral foundation for a lovely soft appearance. Again, as they have slow oil absorbing properties they are good eyeshadow bases and good for people with dry skin as they won't strip your skin of moisture.

If you are new to mineral makeup, you may find that it can take a few applications to get it just right, so below are some troubleshooting answers to common problems that can occur whilst applying your mineral makeup. We hope this helps you, but please feel free to drop us an e-mail with any problems that you may be having and we will be happy to offer guidance.

Powdery or mask like in appearance? Cause: Over-application or the shade is too light

Solution: Custom blend two shades of mineral foundation together, use a darker shade or utilise a softer, less dense brush.

Drying or not enough coverage?Cause: The skin is too dry and needs moisturising.

Solution: Smooth a few drops of our Forever Young Serum on your face before you apply your mineral foundation. For extremely dry skin, try mixing a bit of mineral foundation powder with our Forever Young Serum to create a liquid foundation and apply with a sponge or brush and then smooth and blend with your finger.

Pores appear larger or powder is laying in fine lines? Cause: Over-application and/or incorrect application technique.

Solution: Firstly try using light downward strokes with your kabuki brush. Or apply mineral Finishing Powder before or after the mineral foundation. Try damp brush application technique too.

Shiny or oily appearance? Cause: Moisturiser too heavy or over-application.

Solution: Use oil free moisturiser or apply mineral Finishing Powder under and/or over the mineral foundation to absorb excess oil and keep you shine free.

Streaky, blotchy or uneven appearance? Cause: Over-application of the foundation, moisturiser is too heavy, or the moisturiser has not completely penetrated into your skin. 

Solution: Blend mineral foundation with mineral finishing powder, experiment with different moisturisers. If the powder is mixed in your moisturiser, make sure that the powder is completely blended in.

If you experience red steaks when you apply your mineral foundation as a dry powder it is because your skin is not completely dry. Make sure any moisturiser has soaked in completely before buffing on the minerals. Red streaks can be blended out with your fingers if they do appear. 

If you would like more information e-mail which is the best way to reach us (as we are usually busy creating pretty powders!) and we will be happy to answer any questions you might have. In the meantime here are a couple of application videos to give you some inspiration.

Love Elemental Beauty x